About Us

My love of Fashion and Art History started at a very young age. Growing up in New York City, just blocks from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was exposed to many of the world’s historical treasures. In college, I earned degrees in Art History and Fashion Merchandising before starting on a career in the Fashion Industry.

In the early 1980’s while antiquing, I found a small collection of old glass intaglios’, they fascinated me. Their beauty, strong imagery and sense of history all spoke to me. These wonderful old glass stones already had a place in fashion history, many in ladies jewelry items and some in men’s items like cufflinks, rings and trim on men’s furnishings. The old glass intaglio stones I found were from the 1920’s and 1940’s had never been used and were in their original tissue wrapping. I was free to give them a new life and I was hooked.

It is the fusion of the old and the new that inspires me. I feel that the jewelry I design has an enduring appeal thru the use of the old glass intaglios, cameos and cabochons. My designs do not imitate the old; instead I seek innovative new expressions for these wonderful old glass stones.

Every design is carefully assembled, handmade right in New York City and supporting American Suppliers. The details in the castings are carefully designed to enhance the unique quality of the old cabochons. I often draw inspiration from ancient architecture, ornamentation and mythology when designing the settings for the stones. My designs are feminine yet strong, like the women of today who wear my creations. I want the individuality of the wearer to come through that is the true fashion statement.

The mythical griffin which is the logo for my company and often shown in my designs has personal symbolic meaning for me. In ancient times, griffins were the guardians of the jewels. They also represent the union of strength and intelligence which is very fitting for the women of today who collect the treasures I design.